Husker Victory Shouldn’t Be That
Close And Tougher Tests Lie Ahead

I figuratively had my hands over my eyes for the final quarter of the Nebraska/Southern Mississippi game Saturday, afraid to watch the TV coverage of the possibility that for the second week in a row the Cornhuskers had lost a game they should have won.

More seriously, blown pass coverages, the penalties, failure to be alert for an onside kick, a blocked field goal attempt put the Huskers no more than eight points away within half a minute of possibly again losing a second consecutive game which they could have won.

But the Huskers hung on and won by eight points over a Southern Mississippi team which they had been expected to defeat easily.  (The Las Vegas betting odds had the Huskers favored by 22 points.)

The bottom line, of course, is that the Huskers won a close one in contrast to two of their previous games.

Marian has said more than once, you look at half a glass of water as the glass being half empty or half full.

Let’s hope that the Husker glass is half full of better performances during the rest of the season.

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