As I indicated in my introduction to a couple of recent columns, including the one written last week, I do need to take an occasional week off to attend to some other matters, freeing up the considerable time which my administrative assistant, Jackie Wrieth, and I devote to doing the necessary research and drafting and redrafting each of the columns.

But to remind you that I’m still in the column-writing business, I want to share with you some sort of offering each week.  This week Jackie and I have picked out a couple of cartoons which we think you will find amusing and, in addition, fair comment on the performance of some of those involved in television journalism.

The cartoons appeared originally in The New Yorker magazine and have been pulled together in a display in the “Newseum,” a very interesting collection of news-media-related exhibits in a building in Washington, D.C. operated by the Gannett organization, best known as publishers of USA Today.  Reproductions of the cartoons were published in a “Newseum” book, a copy of which came my way.

Enjoy.  And remember that there will be an offering of either a column or some other easier-assembled lighter fare each week on this website.

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