Today An Excuse—Weakening Strength In The Legs—
For An Unscheduled Hospitalization And Column Absence

Since in 1992 a pattern of sharing weekly comments with readers, I have prided myself on missing very few weeks either when I was appearing in print in The Omaha World-Herald or for the past five years when my columns have been delivered electronically.

Marian has said more than once something like, “Other columnists take vacations and tell the readers they’ll be back later.  Why don’t you?”

My answer is that I enjoy the continuity of communication with readers and don’t mind working hard to maintain it most every week.  There have been few exceptions.   This has included columns appearing when I’m in the hospital or on a Caribbean cruise or some other overseas trip, including a hunting safari in South Africa with son David.

This week I feel I must surrender to the reality of three unscheduled days in the hospital and the deadline for a new column the next day.  So I think you will understand why this week I ask you to settle for a cartoon which, under the circumstances, seems to be appropriate.

The cartoon shows a geezer on the loose in a hospital.  The geezer part fits, but I was definitely better behaved earlier this week.  After all, I didn’t donate the money to build the wing where I was expertly and compassionately treated for three days at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

I hope to be up to being back to column-writing vitality by next week.  Thanks for giving me medical leave this week.

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