Time To Shift Column-Writing Gears

First, a heartfelt “Thank you!” to those readers who have followed my almost-always-weekly columns, in print or on the Internet, for these past 20 years.

The time has come to ease off on the weekly routine.  There are a good many personal matters which don’t get needed attention when I am spending Sunday evening, Monday and Tuesday researching, writing, revising, revising again a weekly column.

My new game plan is to write a customary-style column every other week, and, on the alternate week, a brief commentary, usually accompanied by a cartoon or two which I think you will enjoy.

This will allow me to do some personal catching up during alternate weeks, while still giving you reason (remember those cartoons) to tune in on the no-column Thursdays.

Thanks for your readership, which I obviously hope will continue.  And don’t forget, that if you miss one week’s offerings, the previous week’s column and others preceding it are always available on my website.

* * *

Some Post-Election Thoughts

As I indicated in my opening remarks today, I do hope to offer something of interest—at the minimum, a cartoon or two, at the maximum, some relatively brief comments, hopefully of some interest but requiring much less time than the full-length columns which I have been offering, in print or online, weekly for the past 20 years.

Today, a cartoon which I think is timely, plus and my reaction to some post-election news-column material which wasn’t available when I wrote last week’s election-reaction column.

I commend House Speaker John Boehner for his emphasis on his willingness to work to find a bipartisan way out of the fiscal mess into which this country has slid during the past four years.  It remains to be seen whether the Democratic party leadership will modify the Obama agenda enough to stop the borrowed-money slide towards possible national government bankruptcy.

Fitch Ratings Service has warned there will be “no fiscal honeymoon for President Obama.”  While Fitch Ratings still has an AA rating on U.S. government bonds it had lowered the rating from AAA and warned that failure to take prompt budget-reduction action “would likely trigger a rating downgrade” next year—another step towards possible federal government bankruptcy.

As I see it, we simply must move toward substantial debt reduction program policy with a combination of cuts in spending and across-the-board tax increases—hopefully moderate increases—and get started in that direction now.

To finish out on a happier note:  My compliments to The Omaha World-Herald for a superb job of detailed reporting of the story of the Republican’s first-in-70-years occupancy of all five Congressional seats and in the governorship.

The story was detailed and interesting.  Then there was the superb color “timeline” which demonstrated, in color, the name and the party of the occupants of Nebraska’s congressional seats during those 70 years.

Enough already for a supposed “week off” for this column-writing political junkie.

Enjoy the cartoon.

* * *

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