Some Advice For The Holiday Season:
Celebrate But Remember The Words Of Jesus

Until January, I am saving a variety of comments from the news, what has happened in 2013 and what appears likely (or at least reasonably possible) in 2014.

I think both my readers and I will have more time for attention to the news in January than is available to us during this holiday season, which I hope is proving both busy and happy for you and those dear to you, as it certainly is for me.

But in this week’s next-to-last column of 2013, there is certainly time to give attention to some advice which I have offered, in one form or another, in a succession of Christmas-season columns.  That advice, borrowed from what I wrote last year:

Whatever your religious beliefs, I believe the Christmas season every year should remind us to be grateful to the preacher named Jesus of Nazareth.

What Jesus preached could be a standard that could well serve as a cornerstone of anyone’s religion or, indeed, anyone’s philosophy of life regardless of religion.

A simple foundation for a good and useful life can, I believe, be found in this teaching of Jesus of Nazareth:  ‘Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.’”

* * *

As for next week’s column just before the end of the busy holiday season:

A hope that we can celebration an upset victory for the Nebraska Cornhuskers over the Georgia Bulldogs proving that the odds makers in Las Vegas are wrong when they make the Bulldogs a nine-point favorite.

Also next week another of those appealing-puppy cartoons which you have told me you enjoy or possibly one or two of those unintentionally hilarious newspaper headlines.

So I hope, although the time will still be filled with holiday diversions, you will tune in again next Tuesday.

# # #


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