Marian, Andy Becoming 2-Dog Family Again?

Regular readers of my weekly efforts will recall that I promised myself regular “weeks off” to take care of other business than writing longer, multiple-subject columns.  This is one of those supposed “weeks off.”

Regular readers will also recall that every week I try to offer something of interest to let them know I’m thinking of them and not break their habit of weekly visits to  This week’s effort concentrates on the family dog situation; i.e., will Marian and Andy recruit a replacement for dear Claire, our 11-year-old cocker spaniel who died recently?

People who know Marian will be betting that we will soon be a two-dog family again.  I’m holding out for some concessions which don’t leave me alone in the house with two dogs (10-year-old Charlotte and a new recruit) while Marian is traveling.  I think I’m making modest progress.

Bottom line prediction:  We will soon again be a two-cocker spaniel family.

In connection with the cartoon below, let me say true dog lovers know that puppies don’t need training in loyalty.  It’s the owners who need to be sure they are worthy of that loyalty.

2014-03-26 15_06_44-Scan0010.pdf

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