Today, An Introduction To Miss Ashley,
The New Dog-In-Charge At Our House

It’s been a time of consistently interesting and significant news in regard to the direction the University of Nebraska presidency may be headed—a decision which will be based on either experience in academic leadership or experience in political office.

But for today, a report on leadership of a different kind:

Who’s in charge of the Andersen household?  The answer is, clearly, a four-month-old cocker spaniel, Miss Ashley Andersen, with 10-year-old Charlotte, our senior cocker spaniel being, rather reluctantly, a good sport about it.

A Kiss For Every Visitor

Some of our friends have been stopping by to meet—and cuddle with—Miss Ashley, who consistently and enthusiastically licks the face of anyone who picks her up.

(Incidentally, 10-year-old Charlotte and four-month-old Ashley have an interesting family relationship:  Ashley is Charlotte’s grandniece.)

Ashley has one basic speed:  all out.  She sprints, sometimes circling the family room and the living room for 10 to 15 seconds, apparently just because she likes to run that fast.

This kind of performance may be followed by a roll on her back for a tummy rub at Marian’s feet.

Too Many Toys To Count

I was going to report a rough tally of the number of toys—mostly stuffed animals—that Ashley has available.  This would have required more steps throughout the house than I felt inclined to take.  So a rough estimate:  30, including those that have accumulated over the years during the reign of previous mistresses-of-the-house and, of course, considerable number of toys delivered by recent visitors.

Finally, a photograph of Miss Ashley in one of her favorite temporary resting spots:  the door of the dishwasher.

This picture was taken after the dishes had been washed.  We failed to get a shot of Ashley helping with the chores by licking the unwashed dishes as she stands on the dishwasher door.

2014-06-11 13_13_53-photo 1 - Windows Photo Viewer

* * *

CWS Field Has A Strong Southern Accent

“The South will rise again!”

Somehow that cry of determination—and, I believe, more than a little defiance—popped up in my memory as I looked at the field of eight teams which are competing in the College World Series in Omaha this week.

Seven of the eight teams are from the South.

The South has indeed “risen again” in so many positive ways since the Confederacy’s defeat in the Civil War.  The proud Southerners obviously couldn’t have had the College World Series in mind when they voiced that rallying cry, but it certainly could be applied to the field of teams which have qualified for this week’s College World Series here in our hometown.

The only exception in the South-dominated field:  California-Irvine.

This year’s roster of CWS teams—certainly all of them welcomed by me and the rest of Omaha’s CWS fans—does simplify my “rooting” job:

Any winner but Texas will be a happy CWS result for me.

I should add that the Longhorns are certainly welcome visitors so far as a College World Series fan like me is concerned.  But Omaha supporters are surely entitled to pick and choose, and I don’t choose those perennial CWS competitors, the Longhorns from Austin, Texas.

But I hope the Longhorns and their fans thoroughly enjoy Omaha’s hospitality however they fare in the College World Series.

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