Koterba Had It Right—Years Ago

Finally, one of those “week’s off” that I told you months ago I was going to be taking three out of every four weeks, providing time to do some estate planning and catch up on other  things that are neglected when I research, write and rewrite a weekly full-length column.

As I hope you have observed, on my “week’s off” I try still to offer something—a cartoon or whatever—to keep you calling up haroldandersen.com every week.

This week’s brief offering is one of the best, I believe.  It not only showcases the remarkable talents of World-Herald editorial cartoonist Jeff Koterba, but is also a telling commentary on the failure of our 11-year involvement in trying to keep Muslim Shiites and Muslim Sunnis from killing each other in Iraq.

Ten years ago, Jeff Koterba offered a typically clever and wise commentary on a significant public issue.  Eleven years later, we still are trying figuratively to get Shiites and Sunnis out of training wheels and form a stable government.

The World-Herald’s republication of the cartoon last week was particularly welcome to me, of course, since I’ve been saying that the right American answer in Iraq is to simply get out and let the Shiites and Sunnis try to solve their own problems without the loss of any more American lives or any more wasted billions of American dollars.

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