Lots Of 50-Or-More Wins In
Nebraska Husker Record Book

This is one of those “weeks off” that I promised myself several years ago.  But, as has become customary, I like to offer at least one item of interest each week—sort of a “thank you” to my readers for turning to my website each week.

This week’s “thank you” deals with—what more timely subject?—than the record of Nebraska Cornhusker football teams which scored more than 50 points like the team which opened its season last week with a 55-7 victory over the Florida Atlantic Owls.

Sportswriters and sports broadcasters were much impressed by the size of the Husker score and the yardage gained—784.  But Husker history puts the numbers in better perspective.  There have been a lot of more-than-50-point victories in Cornhusker history, including an impressive number that weren’t run up against early-season “warm-up” foes like Florida Atlantic.

A Look At Some Victories

Let’s look at some of the Husker victories in the past which involved more than 50 Husker points and frequently were against much stronger opponents than Florida Atlantic.

I spent 15 minutes or so reviewing the scores since Bob Devaney’s arrival in 1962, when his first Cornhuskers game was a 56-0 season opener against South Dakota.

I stopped counting midway through the Tom Osborne 25-year era, then resumed my count with the start of the Bo Pelini era.

Pelini Era Adds 50-Plus Wins

My quick tally of Husker more-than-50-point victories midway through the Tom Osborne era showed a total of 30 such wins.

The Devaney record included a remarkable four above-50-point wins in his final year in 1972.  Included were a 77-7 win over Army at West Point and a 40-6 victory over Notre Dame in the Orange Bowl.

The Osborne era included the 1978 season when the Huskers scored more than 50 points four times, including a 63-21 win over KU and a 52-14 win over Colorado.

Of particular interest were Tom Osborne teams 57-0 victory over Hayden Fry’s Iowa Hawkeyes in 1980, and the 59-0 win over Colorado the following year.

Jumping forward to the Bo Pelini era, I counted nine victories in which the Huskers scored more than 50 points in Pelini’s six seasons.  One of them was a 73-7 victory over Idaho State in 2012.

* * *

Weekly Big Red Wrap-Up Offers
The Best Balanced Husker Report

So much for Husker history.  Let’s turn to current Husker media coverage, and let me offer this suggestion:

The best balanced, informative coverage of Husker football these days is the Big Red Wrap-Up, broadcast on NET every Tuesday evening during football season.

The very knowledgeable Kevin Kugler presides over an informative, balanced, less emotional account (although it’s pretty clear the participants are Husker fans) than is generally available in other broadcast or printed accounts.

‘Huskers Need Take-Aways’

One example:  The subject turned to what the Huskers must do to improve on their performance against an out-manned Florida Atlantic team.  Adrian Fiala, a regular panelist and former Cornhusker all conference linebacker under Bob Devaney, made a knowledgeable comment, in contrast to some of the emotionalism that marks many broadcast and print accounts of Husker performance.

To be a dominating team, Fiala said, the Huskers must produce the “turnover” ingredient; i.e., forcing opponents to turn the ball over with fumbles or pass interceptions or a block punt.  He noted that the Huskers had forced no turnovers during their romp over Florida Atlantic last Saturday.

If you have read this far, thanks for your interest.  In any case, I hope to share some thoughts with you again next week.

Go Big Red!

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