Reality Time:  True “Mini Weeks Off”
Are Clearly In Order For This Columnist

This week, another of the “mini-weeks-off” which I promised myself two or more years ago.  I told you then that I needed the time for a variety of personal business matters, including estate planning.

But, as perhaps you have noticed, I have continued to yield to the temptation to offer mostly full-length columns with comments on news developments.

But time moves on, and as I look back at my 91st birthday, the wisdom of better time allocation becomes more obvious.

More obvious in part because of a brief hospital stay.  I talked to four different doctors, and the consensus was that my “sinking spell”—I suddenly went limp and Marian called 911 for the Rescue Squad—did not result from a stroke.

I tested out as a fellow whose kidneys were calling for more water.

Certain other liquids are acceptable, but no more than one fluid ounce of alcohol per day.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the fact that the alcohol ration poured over ice with a splash of water makes a very enjoyable scotch on the rocks.

I haven’t yet seen whether I can stretch the ounce of alcohol into a mini-martini.

But back to the subject of column writing.

I enjoy sending relatively brief “Thank yous” for regularly calling me up on the Internet.

This week’s shorter-than-usual offering.

W-H Eating-Place Reviews Suit Your Taste?

I’ve commented before about l-o-n-g eating-place reviews which appear regularly in The Omaha World-Herald.

I’ve never figured out how Sarah Baker Hansen chooses the eating place to be spotlighted with massive coverage, sometimes involving as many as three visits by the newspaper’s eating-place reviewer.

Omaha has hundreds of eating places, many of them very good eating places.  In fairness to other eating places, why single out one a week for massive attention?

Color Pix Supposed To Be Attractive?

Then there is the matter of the color pictures which accompany the long critiques.  You would think the color pictures would be chosen carefully to make the food look particularly appealing.

To my eye, visual appeal simply isn’t there in nearly every case.  The pictures turn me off rather than turn me on.  One exception:  The week in which pictures included a hot dog.

Another noteworthy exception.  It’s the taste-tempting picture (reproduced below) of a sundae with hot fudge, caramel swirls, almonds, whipped cream and a cherry.  And it didn’t appear in connection with a weekly eating place critique.

The other picture accompanied The World-Herald reviewer’s praise of food served at a Mexican restaurant.

That’s supposed to be tempting?  I would prefer soup and a salad or a sandwich and a salad picked up at one of Omaha’s fine, fast-food establishments.

2014-09-17 15_54_11-IceCream

2014-09-17 15_55_33-mexican food

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