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“Disadvantaged Youth” Become Illegal Immigrants.
Ashford Campaign Now Includes Father’s War Record
Domina Really Believe Pot Advocacy Might Help?
Huskers 5-0, But Mistakes Still Plague Armstrong

I Was Wrong; Central American Youths
Went Underground Sooner Than Expected

Today a confession that I was wrong when in a column published in July I wrote:

“In five, ten, fifteen years down our national road a very high percentage (likely approaching 100%) of the current deluge of “undocumented” foreigners from Central American countries will be residing in the United States.

A good many will have simply disappeared into the ranks of illegal immigrants, likely having made arrangements to live with family members who are already living in this country as illegal immigrants.”

I was wrong in putting the “disappearance” of those “undocumented” youths from Central America five or more years down the road.

Disappearance Very Quickly By Most “Refugees”

It is happening within a matter of weeks, as evidenced by a news story (which, inexplicably, was played on an inside page) indicating that a majority of the young Central American “refugees” (supposedly escaping from the threat of rape or murder in their home countries) have disappeared from the comfortable temporary lodging to which they had  been assigned by a compassionate federal government, supposedly to reside there until their case for permanent asylum had been resolved on a case-by-case basis.

As might have been predicted, the young “refugees” weren’t going to take any chances that the ruling in their case might require a return to their Central American homelands.

Others Likely to Remain At Least For Years

In their non-surprising dispersal, the “refugees” had, no matter how unintentional it was, the cooperation of compassionate federal government officials.  Those officials almost immediately had provided free long-distance telephone service to allow the “refugees” to contact friends or relatives in this country.

The latest status report is that well more than half have figuratively disappeared, presumably into the underground ranks of foreigners living illegally in this country.

Those remaining in contact with federal officials presumably can look forward to a possibility of a time-consuming case-by-case review of their status, some of them in courtroom proceedings, where they would be represented by sympathetic attorneys who have volunteered or are being recruited.

Bottom Line:  ‘Refugees’ Become Illegals

The bottom line would seem to be that our government’s compassionate reaction to the supposed plight of the supposed “refugees” means that more than 300,000 “refugees” from Central America have been added to the ranks of illegal immigrants residing in this country.

Ranks already estimated as anywhere from 10 to 14 million before professional coyotes started escorting—for a fee of several thousand dollars—Central American “refugees” northward for illegal entry into the United States.

* * *

Brad Ashford And His ‘Handlers’
Combine To Run A Weird Campaign

As I see it, Brad Ashford (currently a Democrat after being an Independent and a Republican) continues to attack current Second Congressional District Representative Lee Terry with a campaign that ranges from peculiar to simply irresponsible.

Some recent examples:

In one television commercial, Ashford says:  “My dad flew a B26 over Europe on D-Day.”

What in the world does that have to do with Ashford’s qualifications to serve in the United States Congress?

Ashford’s Handlers Share The Blame

Ashford, who is being “handled” by a team of advisors financed by the Democratic National Committee, has also allowed himself to be consistently unfair in his criticism of Terry, including the political-low-road type of ads that tell only part of the story.  For one example:

Over and over we hear the TV ad criticizing Terry for declining to voluntarily forego receiving his Congressional salary during the shutdown on a good deal of government spending.

The political-low-road ad, of course, doesn’t even come close to telling the whole story.  The truth is that after his position was criticized by political opponents, Terry agreed to a suspension of his salary and made a public apology for his original position.

The low-road ad isn’t the only questionable strategy which Ashford and his handlers have pursued.

There is the bizarre suggestion that Ashford, as a freshman Representative, would organize a Republican/Democratic committee of 25 members to steer the 535-member Congress on a new course of inter-party cooperation.

Surprise!  Ashford’s Wife Is For Him

Then there was the multi-paged fund-raising letter mailed, in the name of Ashford’s wife, telling Second Congressional voters what a fine man and husband Brad Ashford is.  And making the flat statement that Ashford would be an agent for decisive change—improvement, of course—in Washington.

Then there are the cheap-shot efforts to make it appear that Representative Terry has shown little or no effective interest in the needs of military veterans.

Terry has responded with strong TV-ad endorsements by veterans—endorsements which seem to me to be effective answers to Ashford’s criticism which has been large unsupported by veterans.

Minimum Late Increase Campaign Help Ashford?

Ashford’s best hope, as I see it, would be for a larger than normal Democratic turnout in support of the petition-campaign-initiated proposal to raise the required minimum wage in Nebraska, in two steps, to $9 an hour–$1.75 an hour above the current Nebraska minimum wage requirement of $7.25 an hour (which, importantly in my opinion, matches the federal requirement of $7.25 an hour).

If I were creating the equivalent of the so-called “Las Vegas” line on the odds on an Ashford election, I would say that as of today the odds are—and certainly should be—against him, no matter how the minimum-wage vote goes.

* * *

Domina Might As Well Endorse Pot,
His Senate Campaign Is Already Doomed

If David Domina, Democratic nominee for the United States Senate, is looking for a formula for defeat, he may be toying with one.

I refer to the Lincoln attorney’s statement that he might come out for legalizing marijuana, as has been in Colorado, our neighbor to the west.

My acquaintanceship with the Colorado political and social environment is limited, but the picture of Coloradoans living with legalized marijuana is certainly not a pretty one.

Instead, the picture of what’s going on in Colorado makes clear that legalized pot has become an excuse for a sort of public pot rallies flaunting the illegal unrestrained use of marijuana under the nose of outmanned authorities.

Pots Public Disgrace In Colorado

A public disgrace, recognize it as such in David Domina’s home state, Nebraska, where problems created by across-the-border export of Colorado pot poses serious problems for law enforcement authorities in Western Nebraska.

I believe Domina’s candidacy is damaged—and Domina’s already a very long-shot candidate, by the fact that he would even consider proposing the legalization of marijuana in Nebraska.

One way to look at the Domina-and-marijuana issue might be this:

If Domina is politically savvy enough to know that he is a very, very longshot candidate to defeat Republican Senatorial nominee Ben Sasse of Fremont, he might as well go down indicating his belief that legalizing marijuana is worth consideration (and even endorsing it if he chooses to).

He might reason that such espousing such a position might at least show political courage in a losing cause.

If he really believes in a citizen’s right to enjoy legalized pot, he can always catch a one-hour flight to Denver.

* * *

Young Cornhuskers Are 5-0 But
Tougher Tests Ahead, Starting Saturday

After some predictable victories—although not all easily obtained—Nebraska’s football Cornhuskers turn to a serious challenge in East Lansing, Michigan this Saturday.

The Huskers aren’t going to catch the Michigan State Spartans napping, rife for the kind of upset the Huskers have pulled off on infrequent occasion in the recent past.

But the Huskers are 5-0, a very credible start to the season and are a young team which should improve with each game.

Still, there have been some disturbing notes as the Huskers compiled that 5-0 season start.  For one thing, of course, the victory over McNeese State, saved only by a spectacular last minute touchdown by Ameer Abdullah.

And even when the Huskers finished with more comfortable margins, the play of sophomore quarterback Tommy Armstrong has left something to be desired.  A fumble and a pass interception marred his performance in the Miami game.

Mediocre Passing By Armstrong

Last Saturday Armstrong threw an interception and was off target on two potential touchdown throws while compiling a very mediocre record of 10 completions and one interception in 21 passing attempts against Northwestern.

To a substantial extent, Armstrong has succeeded in offsetting his spotty passing performance with some remarkably good running.  The total package, however, has got to include better passing results if the sophomore quarterback is to make maximum contribution to the Husker cause.

The bottom line:  The tougher challenges for the Huskers lie ahead, but the young team offers the promise of maturing in a way that will make the Huskers steadily more capable of meeting those challenges.

Now About Those Dreadful Uniforms

No mention of the Husker game last Saturday would be complete without reference to those dreadful-looking red and black uniforms.  When will Nebraska stop letting the Adidas company use them as guinea pigs for uniform experimentation?

The Huskers’ superb linebacker Randy Gregory gave a clever, sarcastic commentary about the uniforms in a post-game interview.  Tongue obviously in cheek, he praised the uniform, said it has helped him perform better, with the shoes even increasing his speed.

I’m sure Gregory and the great majority of Husker fans will be pleased to learn that the Huskers return to their traditional uniform this Saturday.

* * *

This Week’s Smorgasbord–
Let’s Recognize Same-Sex ‘Marriages’ Everywhere,
Concentrate On Much More Important Issues

This week’s smorgasbord.  As always, I hope there is something to every reader’s taste.

–Suggestion for dealing with the issue of so-called marriages between persons of the same sex:  Legalize such so-called marriages in every state.

As I see it, the issue isn’t really worth all the time and controversy that’s spent on it.

If given such recognition, the same-sex partners should—but very likely wouldn’t—give up their “gay rights parades” and all the celebration of their special status.  Let them be proud of their status—and certainly grateful for the fact that their parents had normal sexual relationships—but stop telling the rest of us we should, in effect, help them celebrate that special status.

–Is it just coincidental that The World-Herald gives major attention to Creighton University basketball during the Cornhusker football season?  Or is it an effort to assure Creighton fans the Bluejays aren’t forgotten—even though the season hasn’t started—when the Nebraska Cornhuskers dominate The World-Herald sports pages with an actual season, not a look at a season still to start?

For example:

A recent Herald Sports Section in which more than half of the front page was dominated by a huge picture and some text spotlighting Omaha North High senior six-foot-eleven Justin Patton who is scheduled to become a Creighton Bluejay after his senior year at North—a year from now.

In addition to the huge picture and some text which took up more than half of the front page of the sports section, The World-Herald ran the story over through three-fourths of an inside page.

I think it’s fair to conclude that the high school senior would not have received nearly as much attention if he had  not committed to become a Creighton Bluejay in a year.

Such season-to-come sports page prominence to Creighton basketball is a frequent front-page feature of The World-Herald sports section during the Husker football season.

Let me make clear I like the Bluejays, I like the people who run the Creighton basketball program. But I also question whether it is necessary to give so much attention to that program during the football season.

The Jays and other basketball teams will get their fair share of attention when basketball season arrives, as I see it.

–Still on the subject of World-Herald coverage:  An excellent job on recent editorials, including comment on the World-Herald-sponsored recognition of individual or frequently a farm family who have earned the “Master Conservationist” award initiated by The World-Herald decades ago.

Also a tip of my columnist’s cap to The World-Herald for a splendid job exposing the illegalities in the administration of Nebraska’s earned-early-release of prisoners program.

But I must confess a sense of near shock and certainly disappointment (maybe I’m too easily shocked by new developments in journalism) in a front-page World-Herald story which appeared under this headline:

High School Dating 101:  Ask Her Face-To-Face

An interesting thesis, but it isn’t going to become common practice with teenagers and it’s not worth major front page mention or space.

That should be reserved for significant news.

* * *

Revolting Pic At Least Wasn’t On Page One

Stretching hard for an upbeat ending to this week’s column, let’s try this one:

Consider the revolting (to me at least) picture below on the front page of a recent World-Herald Living section.  It was intended to help call attention to an article about a Dental Museum opened to the public once a year at the UNMC College of Dentistry in Lincoln.

How do I make good news out of this revolting picture which took up at least a fourth of a section-front page?

Well, it was, after all, on an inside section, and you might possibly have finished your breakfast before encountering it in your morning World-Herald.

Okay, okay, so it’s a stretch.  That’s the best upbeat news I could think of under deadline pressure.

2014-10-01 10_26_27

Good News.  It was on post-breakfast potential page

# # #


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