Late-Breaking News In Politics And Sports
Calls For Additional “As I See It” Comment

Late-breaking developments on the political and athletic scene lead me to offer a Friday-available addition to the Thursday-available longer column which has already moved on this website.

If you have read the Thursday-published edition, no need to return for another look.

But if you haven’t gotten around to the Thursday version yet, I recommend this procedure:

Read today’s Friday edition, sort of a post-script, then go to the column archive calendar and call up my, Thursday, 10/30 column.

With that preliminary, let me explain why I thought a Friday addition was appropriate.

Regent Candidate Still Want To Oust Bo?

One of two candidates for election to the University of Nebraska Board of Regents from the 5th Regents District covering southeast Nebraska and part of northwest Lincoln—Steve Glenn, a successful Pawnee City-based businessman—has been endorsed by The World-Herald over incumbent Rob Schafer, under a World-Herald editorial headline which said:  “Glenn shows impressive energy.”

It is perhaps the first time I’ve ever read an editorial endorsement which is based on a candidate’s energy level.  If that were a valid for election to political office, Texas businessman Ross Perot might have been president of the United States and surely Robert Prokop, a two-term occupant of the regent’s seat which is at stake this year, would still be in office, since he continues to run year after year after year after having served two terms from 1971-1983.

What brings Glenn’s qualifications into sharper focus is the fact that—whether by his choice or those of his supporters—the issue of ousting Husker football Coach Bo Pelini has surfaced late this week.  It brings to mind the fact that after earning two letters as a Husker lineman in 1977 and 1978, Glenn became vigorously active in trying to exert influence on the Husker football program including focusing his sights on ousting Pelini.

Now the “Bo must go” issue first raised by Glenn several years ago is back in the news.

It seems to me a particularly inappropriate role for a University Regent to become involved in.  The World-Herald editorial endorsing Glenn took note of his earlier efforts to become involved in the football coaching situation and said it was inappropriate for a regent to become involved.

Well, whether by Glenn’s choice or not, the issue is before the voters November 4th.

It certainly is not the responsibility of a regent and raises questions about The World-Herald’s earlier endorsement, in my opinion.

Turning To That Remarkable World Series Pitching Performance

The second late-breaking item involves athletics also—specifically the remarkable performance of San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner, in winning three World Series games as the Giants bested the Kansas City Royals in a seven-game series.

Bumgarner’s performance was particularly big news in Augusta, Georgia where I happened to be during the final games of the series, watching that seventh game Wednesday night.

On his way up in the Giants’ farm club organization, Bumgarner pitched in Augusta for the Augusta Green Jackets—a name which came obviously from the fact that members of the Augusta National Golf Club are known for wearing green jackets.

In any case, as a longtime baseball fan I was disappointed to see the Kansas City Royals lose that seventh game, I tip my cap to that remarkable performer, the San Francisco Giants Madison Bumgarner.

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