Emotional Editorial Short On Facts:
Evidence Lacking For Emotional Charge That Omahans
Are Ignoring Poverty And Suffering Among Hispanics

Are Omaha’s Hispanics—many of them illegal immigrants—suffering as a recent World-Herald lead editorial portrayed?

Are they any better off here than they would be in their native Mexico or Central America?  If not, why don’t they go home to their native countries?

Instead of verifiable facts, readers are asked to accept the writer’s assertion that Omaha Hispanics are living in “misery and frustration.”

What More Should We Be Doing?

So what are Omahans supposed to do beyond the various efforts that are already underway, including such things as a splendid health service facility serving South Omaha and the Kroc Center for special recreational and educational opportunities for South Omahans?

How does the tragic picture described in the editorial jibe with the recent reports that Omaha is among the American cities with the lowest unemployment rate?

My bottom line:  Hysterical calls for sympathy and “we must do something about this terrible poverty problem” don’t recognize what already is being done here in Omaha.  If we are treating immigrants so badly, why don’t they exercise the option of returning to their native countries?

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Varied Menu For This Week’s Smorgasbord:
TV Malperformance, Time-Saving W-H Columns,
Upbeat Sports News, And, Of Course, Politics


There was a major public disservice in WOWT’s refusal to reveal terms of the settlement which brought the station’s Cox-supplied programming back on the air.

Also locally, continuing over-emphasis on the weather.  We don’t need to be told three times in 30 minutes what the weather forecasts are for the TV channel’s viewing area.  And still too much “happy talk” among the talking heads.  “Mary, how’s the new baby”—that sort of stuff.


On network TV, massive over-coverage of the reaction to the terrorist murder spree in Paris.

The killings themselves, of course, deserve very major coverage.

But not so with the protests, not worthy of major coverage day after day, with relatively little reference to steps that the civilized world should be taking to prevent more Muslim-inspired killings such as those in Paris.


Good sports news includes the generally favorable Husker fan reaction to the Huskers’ football coaching changes.

Also good news the election of former Husker All-American Trev Alberts (now athletic director at the University of Nebraska at Omaha) to the Football Hall of Fame.

Alberts’ recognition as a Husker All-American was accompanied by an odd twist:  In the same group of honorees, Ohio State’s disgraced and discharged football coach Jim Tressel was included, an almost incredible decision.


Good news for busy readers in those l-o-n-g opinion columns which The World-Herald runs in what used to be considered news pages.  They are great time savers, for this reader, since I skip them all after a quick look to confirm the customary triviality of the subject matter and the length of the column.


I stress that in the case of The World-Herald’s splendid columnist Mike Kelly, I welcome his prominent appearance in the news sections of The World-Herald.  Kelly consistently writes interesting, relatively short columns prominently displayed but never dominate the front page or go so long as to discourage readership.


Second Congressional District Representative Brad Ashford—who turned Democrat after 20 years as a Republican and a brief registration as an Independent—is finding it difficult to duck his new Democrat label.

Democrat Ashford is under criticism from liberals who disagree with him on his Republican-like endorsement of the TransCanada pipeline which has been approved by the Congress but faces a possible veto from President Obama.

Stay tuned.  It will be interesting to see how Ashford fares when he seeks re-election.

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New Source For Upbeat Ending

Always looking for upbeat ways to end the column, I ran across a collection of cartoons which I published and distributed to some friends during my year as King of Ak-Sar-Ben 33 years ago.

I hope you will enjoy both the cartoons and my comments, a combination which I intend to share with you from time to time.

2015-01-15 10_58_22-cartoon

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