This Week Another “Shortie”

Time for another “shortie” column, the kind I had in mind when I promised three weeks of short columns, followed by a full-length-multi-subject column in the fourth week.

So on to this week’s “shortie,” while the subject matter is still fresh.

The Usually Even-Handed Charlie Rose Talks
Nonsense On The Same-Sex Marriage Issue

On a late-April hour-long program, Charlie Rose devoted the first half hour to a totally one-sided discussion of the same-sex marriage controversy and the forthcoming Supreme Court decision in June or July.

Guess which side Charlie and his two guests were on?  That’s right.  Emphatically and emotionally in favor of nationwide legalization of same-sex marriages.

It’s one thing to be in favor of such legalization, but it certainly makes no rational sense at all to call same-sex marriage legalization one of the greatest social issues in American history, ranking in importance with abolition of slavery and the Supreme Court decision ending segregation of blacks and whites into separate public schools.

Relative Handful Of Citizens Directly Affected

Charlie, we’re talking about an issue directly involving something less than 2% of the adult population, nothing as important an issue as is implied by the overwhelming volume of attention given to it.

It deserves rational, not emotional, discussion.

I have written more than once the issue is getting entirely too much public attention and that the best answer would be simply to legalize all same-sex “marriages” and focus our attention on more important issues.

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