Throwing Some Light On A Power Outage

Another week of a few quick comments of news while it’s still fresh.

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OPPD District Becomes OPPDisappointment
On A Recent Storm-Free Spring Evening

This time, the electrical system outage affecting Omaha Public Power District customers was in an area bounded by Davenport and Underwood, 62nd Street to 69th Street.

The latest system failure affecting the Andersen household occurred while there was still faint daylight shortly before 9:00 p.m., enough time to repeat once again the task of assembling the “emergency lights” which we have learned to so often depend on.

Marian and I had a special guest who had volunteered to cook the evening’s dinner.  He did a remarkable job, using a flashlight to help him cook steaks on the grill and prepare a salad.

Our guest headed for home with Marian and me still using the emergency lamps.

Adding insult to injury, to use a cliché, was the fact that the lights were burning brightly in the homes of neighbors just to the north across Prairie Avenue—a common occurrence during our frequent outages.

Also adding insult to injury was the fact that an OPPD response to a telephone call assured us that the power would be back on by 10:00 p.m.  It actually came back on in our house at approximately 2:00 a.m.

A further temper-testing occurred Wednesday morning was another mistake by OPPD—one of those “punch the right button” communications with customers.  The electronic message incorrectly asserted that the power in our neighborhood was restored at 9:38 p.m.—more than four hours earlier than the power was restored in our neighborhood.

Such too-frequent outages helps explain why I call our electricity supplier the OPPDisappoinment.

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Beutler Earns Third Term As Lincoln Mayor;
Political Party Affiliation Is Entirely Irrelevant

Essentially misleading and irresponsible, as I see it, was The World-Herald’s front-page headline describing Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler as a “Democrat.”

The story reporting Beutler’s election to a third term and went on to describe the victory as one badly needed by the Nebraska Democratic Party, since Republicans have been winning almost all the recent significant Nebraska elections.

The practice of identifying mayors and city council members and state legislators as representatives of the political parties to which they belong is simply irresponsible journalism.

Offices such as mayors, city council members, state legislators, and school board members are not identified in the ballot as being associated with their political parties.

Irresponsible reporting of party affiliation certainly doesn’t make it any easier for those holders of those offices to approach problems with what should be open-minded, non-partisan points of view.

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