Media Reporting Of GOP Prospects
Produces Some Scary Possibilities

News media interviewing of each of some 10 or a dozen Republicans being mentioned as announced potential candidates for the Republican presidential nomination (frankly, I lost count) didn’t produce a single name that impressed me favorably.

I didn’t catch the name of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush in the media listing.  He seems to me to be the best of a less than impressive list of possible Republican presidential nominees

Test how knowledgeable you are about presidential history:

What was the cause of the death of President George Washington when he died December 14, 1799 at age 67 after undergoing treatment for a serious cold?

No, the serious cold didn’t turn into pneumonia

Washington is reported as having been literally bled to death by reported well-intentioned doctors at a time when “bleeding” a patient was a common method of treating all manner of medical ailments.

In Washington’s case, the well-intended bleeding is reported to have taken half or more of his blood.

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