News Media Performance

There were endlessly repeated identical reports on the incident that had absolutely no evidence that the shark was attempting to attack the surfboarder.  In fact, the shark might have been as startled as the surfboarder.

The incident happened some 25-30 yards offshore and a champion surfer was the swimmer who bumped into the shark or vice versa.

The champion surfboarder quickly and easily reached the beach in what appeared to be no more than 20 to 25 seconds.

 Turning To Local News Coverage

Similarly irritating in terms of repetition are the local “news” telecasts which repeat on one day a news item—sometimes not very newsworthy—several times over several days.

And if any Omaha-area television viewer hasn’t had several opportunities to watch the day-after-day replays of everything from fatal fires to motor vehicle accidents, all the television sets in their homes must be out of order.

The news media do a good to excellent job on some major stories, more of them national and international than local.  But the questionable coverage (probably a charitable description) is much too often the case.

Another TV-stimulated question:  Where in the world do television shows get those screaming—is nincompoops too strong a word?—audiences that will laugh at every joke offered by talk show hosts.  For example:

The customarily married couples who scream and jump around like idiots when they think they are beating a gambling game.  (They rarely do.)

Kerrie Orozco’s Story Tragic But Over Covered?

Continuing massive over-coverage of the death of female police officer Kerrie Orozco who, after all, had recognized that her police officer’s life is at risk every time she donned her bullet-proof vest.

The fatal shot went through her throat an inch or so above the vest she was wearing.

A tragic story which deserved extensive coverage, but did it call for a state funeral attended by dignitaries?  And now a continuation of the overly-emotionalized story in a variety of ways.

* * *

The One-Game Monstrosities Will Look Like This

The only good news about that hideous-looking Nebraska football uniform is that it will be used only once during the season.

Go Big Black.

2015-08-04 20_24_03-Scan0027.pdf

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